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What Would Jesus Do?

What Would Jesus Do?

crucified_jesus__the_face_by_devcagerWhat would Jesus do, you ask. All we have to go by are the scriptures found in the Bible to understand the answer. If any subject were important enough, it would have been included as a witness to his legacy. If someone calls themselves a “follower of Christ”, it would be expected that the things they do in his name would follow his legacy, which begs another question; What would Jesus not do?


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Anniversary presents: One die cast model of the Winchester’s 1967 Impala; check. One candy-pooping wind-up Troll; check. One pair of TARDIS feety pajamas; check. Perfect.

Yes, I’m a 50 year old man in a pair of TARDIS feety pajamas. Get over it…

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Judge rules gay marriages can begin immediately in Chicago

NBC Chicago: A federal judge ruled Friday that same-sex couples do not have to wait until June to get married in Cook Co., Illinois.

"There is no reason to delay further when no opposition has been presented to this Court and committed gay and lesbian couples have already suffered from the denial of their fundamental right to marry," said U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman.

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Arizona lawmakers pass bill to allow faith-based refusal of services


Arizona lawmakers gave final approval on Thursday to a bill that would allow businesses to refuse service to customers when such work would violate their religious beliefs, in a move critics describe as a license to discriminate against gays and others.

Under the bill, a business owner would have a defense against a discrimination lawsuit, provided a decision to deny service was motivated by a “sincerely held” religious belief and that giving such service would have substantially burdened the exercise of their religious beliefs.

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